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What do you need to know about roofs.

11 Feb 2021 #News

1. Roofing type and style depend on place you live. Choosing the color of the roof, one should take into account its effect on the house perception in surrounding environment. Additionally, the c...

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10 Roofing facts that might surprise you

23 Sep 2020 #News

1. The area where you live dictates the style of your home You should know that some roof types just work better various areas or regions. For example, gable roofs work best in colder and snowier c...

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How do you choose the right metal cover? Metal tile, cladding or standing seam metal roofing?

25 Aug 2020 #News

A durable roof involves quite large investments, that is why it is very important to choose the right roof, which will ensure protection, strength, a pleasant appearance, and also a long life. When...

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5 myths about metal tile

12 Aug 2020 #News

Are you building your dream house or are you thinking of renovating it? And the right choice of roofing has never been harder? Before making a final decision it is good to know that, there are some to...

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The history of the appearance and development of roofs

29 Jul 2020 #News

The history of roofs is a long one, starting with the huts covered with thick layers of straw, buried in the ground or sometimes beaten with clay and ending with the construction of wooden roofs, and ...

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Do you want to be Eco, but can't afford a green roof? See an alternative here

23 Jul 2020 #News

It's cool to be Eco, and the green roof seems to be the only alternative preferred by more and more people, due to the fact that it is quite environmentally friendly. The name of the roof is not d...

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