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Standing seam panel SSAB

The Greencoat metal sheet from the Swedish manufacturer SSAB, is a slightly malleable product developed for tinsmith work of any difficulty. With a zinc content of 350 g/m2, this sheet offers increased resistance to corrosion and ultraviolet rays.

In addition, the materials from the Greencoat range are painted using BIO technologies and thus we offer the market an ecological product with minimal impact on the environment, but also an unique and premium class product for roofs with long slopes.

The folded sheet is ideal both for modern houses and for historic and heritage buildings, and due to its minimalist appearance it ensures the constructions a non-conformist and elegant appearance, which will surely take them out of anonymity.



  • Average lifespan

    50 years

  • Corrosion Warranty

    30 years

  • Color Warranty

    20 years

Product range

RAL-3005 Red Wine
RAL-6020 Chrome Green
RAL-7011 Iron Grey
RAL-7016 Anthracite Grey
RAL-7016 Anthracite Grey

Technical specifications

Standing seam: transversal section (front view)

We offer two types of standing seam metal sheet depending on how the fold is closed: single, which is folded once, and double - foldable in two layers, which gives it greater strength.

Standing seam: transversal section (front view)

Standing seam: longitudinal section (side view)

The fold has a height of 25 mm, and the length of the sheet can have a length from 500 mm to 6000 mm. It is also possible to fold the sheet at an angle for an optimal fit to the corners of the roof or to constructions with a pyramidal roof. 

Standing seam: longitudinal section (side view)


Seam height
25 mm
Effective available width
160 - 770 mm
Minimum length
500 mm
Maximum length
6000 mm
Minimum slope

Are you ready for a premium experience?

We want to ensure you receive both long-lasting products and high quality roofing services.

Finished works

Advantages of the product

Slightly malleable even at low temperatures

Slightly malleable even at low temperatures

GreenCoat Mica pre-painted sheet can be mounted at temperatures of -15 ° C. This allows the sheet to be mounted even during the cold season. The metal sheet has been tested for over 40 years in the harshest climate conditions around the globe (wind, snow, rain, salt water, ice, UV radiation, high humidity, storms).

Modern architectural style

Modern architectural style

Consiering the minimalist look of the folded sheet, the design of your house will definetely stand out. This type of roof fits perfectly with modern projects.

Innovative mounting technology

Innovative mounting technology

The installation of the double-folded sheet ensures the waterproofness of the roof. There are no screws, plastic gaskets, which become vulnerable over time. Following the correct mounting technology, the standing seam panel can be mounted on slopes of 4 °, or even on facades. A unique feature is that the joint system is made by folding the metal sheet panels and fastening them with the help of clamps on the roof decking.

It is ideal for roofs with any slopes

It is ideal for roofs with any slopes

The main advantage of this type of roof is that it can be mounted on roofs with small slopes, starting from 5° to very high inclinations, even on vertical facades.

Provides durability and extended warranties

Provides durability and extended warranties

The folded sheet has a minimum thickness of 0.60 mm, has a steel core provided on top with an anticorrosive layer of zinc, 350 g/m2, followed by a layer of primer and a flexible and resistant paint, which has the role to protect and provide resistance for very long periods. Choosing this product, you will benefit from a 60-year service life, a 40-year warranty for corrosion and a 30-year color retention.



The GreenCoat coating used to paint steel is distinguished by its eco-friendly character. Therefore, a considerable part of the traditional material based on fossil products is replaced by a bio component, based on vegetable oils. Thus, an ecological product with minimal impact on the environment is obtained.

Frequent questions

Does RoofArt issue warranty certificates standing seam metal sheet?
Yes. RoofArt issues warranty...

Yes. RoofArt issues warranty certificates for all ranges of metal panels. The certificates are valid on the entire territory of the Republic of Moldova.

How has the SSAB GreenCoat Mica sheet been tested?
10,000 panels were exhibited...

10,000 panels were exhibited on the west coast of Sweden and Florida for a year in harsh weather conditions. The results obtained allow the company to issue single guarantee certificates.

What are the delivery conditions?
Delivery is free: * within...

Delivery is free: * within Chisinau, for any purchase of goods worth of 10,000 MDL or more, and * throughout the country is free for the any purchase over 30,000 MDL.

Do you offer folding sheet metal mounting services?
Yes. One professional team...

Yes. One professional team of RoofArt has participated in the courses for roof mounting using the seaming technology. Details about installation services can be found on the services page.

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