Metal cladding sheet H12

The metal cladding sheet H-12 with trapezoidal profile has a crease height of 12 mm. H-12 is used for the construction of industrial halls, roofs, but also for facades and fences.
This cladding sheet is profiled in 2 ways: with the folds outwards for the façade and with the folds inwards for the roof.
The average lifespan of corrugated sheet is 50 years.



  • Average lifespan

    50 years

  • Corrosion Warranty

    30 years

  • Color Warranty

    20 years

Product range

RAL-9005 Jet black
RAL-3005 Red Wine
RAL-5005 Signal Blue
RAL-6005 Moss Green
RAL-8017 Chocolate Brown

Technical specifications

Cladding sheet HA12

Cladding sheet HA12

Cladding sheet HP12

Cladding sheet HP12


Сrease height
12,5 mm
Total width
1075 mm
Effective width
1008 mm
Maximum length
8000 mm
Minimum length
200 mm
Minimum slope
Surface weight
≈ 5 kg/m2

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Apron eaves

Provides drainage of rainwater from the surface of the anti-condensation film into the gutter and protects against moisture.

Apron eaves
Standart valley

Installed at the junction of two roof slopes to direct water to the gutter.

Standart valley
Circular ridge

The final element on the top of the roof reliably closes the joints of the roof tiles.

Circular ridge
Right ridge

An alternative to the circular skate, the main difference is structure and design.

Right ridge
Special valley

It is mounted at the intersection between two sides of the roof to take rainwater and lead it to the gutter.

Special valley
Anti-condensation foil

Ensures the uptake of water particles that form under the tile.

Anti-condensation foil
Snow stopper

Prevents snow from slipping on the roof that leads to the gutter and can damage the rain system due to its weight.

Snow stopper
Wall connector

It is used at the intersection of a roof slope with a heel wall, where the intersection angle is greater than 90˚

Wall connector
Interior side connector

It's role is to prevent the penetration of moisture in the areas where a roof water joins a wall.

Interior side connector

Advantages of the product

Swiftness in production

Swiftness in production

Every hour, at the RoofArt factory located in Chisinau, 799 Muncești Street, 700 m2 of cladding sheet are produced. Once you determine the exact dimensions of your project and place the order with one of our managers, it will be scheduled for production and delivered as soon as possible.

Easy assembly

Easy assembly

Cladding sheet is preferred by craftsmen for its simplicity in assembly. It is fixed with holz-screws to the wooden structure of the roof or fence. Under these conditions, the roof structure must not support a heavy weight, as in the case of the use of ceramic tiles or similar coverings. So we are talking about serious savings in choosing the materials that make up the roof structure.

Industrial aspect

Industrial aspect

Cladding sheet is a popular material for industrial construction: production halls, hangars, industrial refrigerators, all look good in the shades of gray. In Chisinau, the facade of the Coca-Cola, Olmosdon, Mercedes Centru, Romstal halls was covered with corrugated iron.

Frequent questions

How can the thickness of the corrugated sheet be checked?
If you want to be sure that...

If you want to be sure that the thickness of the supplied corrugated sheet corresponds to the thickness of the purchased corrugated sheet, you may ask the company representative for a measurement using an electric or mechanical micrometer.

What are the delivery conditions of the corrugated sheet?
Free delivery within Chisinau...

Free delivery within Chisinau ordering goods in the amount of at least 10,000 lei, and within the country - free delivery when ordering goods in the amount of at least 30,000 lei.

Does RoofArt issue Corrugated Sheet Warranty Certificates?
Yes. RoofArt issues warranty...

Yes. RoofArt issues warranty certificates for all corrugated sheet metal types. The certificates are valid throughout the Republic of Moldova

How much does a m2 of corrugated sheet cost?
Corrugated sheet is a product...

Corrugated sheet is a product with excellent price / quality ratio. With a durability of approximately 50 years, the price of the material varies from 60 lei to 185 lei.

How to mount the corrugated sheet?
The corrugated sheet is fixed...

The corrugated sheet is fixed with holz-screws to the wooden structure of the roof or fence. The material is light, about 4.5-5 kg / m2, which allows lifting without difficulty at high heights.

Can the corrugated sheet be used for fences?
RoofArt corrugated sheet can...

RoofArt corrugated sheet can be used both for the construction of industrial halls and roofs, as well as for facades and fences.

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