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Classic Nordica® Metal Tile-Soon

Classic Nordica® metal tile is an innovative product from RoofArt, which is characterized by versatility, unique design, ease of assembly and installation. It is suitable for both commercial and residential buildings due to its balanced shape.

The main advantages of this profile: an innovative design, a laconic appearance, high color fastness, easy maintenance and environmental efficiency due to its long service life.

Increased scratch and extreme weather conditions resistance and temperature fluctuations guarantee a long life of your roof.



  • Average lifespan

    60 years

  • Corrosion Warranty

    30 years

  • Color Warranty

    20 years

Product range

Technical specifications

Cross section of metal tile module (front view)

The symmetrical and balanced shape of the Nordica metal tile gives it hardness and elegance, keeping the aesthetics and functionality decades before.

Cross section of metal tile module (front view)

Longitudinal section of the metal tile module (side view)

Nordica metal tile requires an easy and safe assembly, being resistant to scratches due to its hard acrylic particles.


Longitudinal section of the metal tile module (side view)


Înălțime cută
20 mm
18 mm
Lungime modul
350 mm
1170 mm
Lățime utilă de acoperire
1130 mm
6400 mm
Lungime minimă
460 mm
Înclinație minimă
Greutate de suprăfață
≈ 4 kg/m2

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Apron eaves

Provides drainage of rainwater from the surface of the anti-condensation film into the gutter and protects against moisture.

Apron eaves
Standart valley

Installed at the junction of two roof slopes to direct water to the gutter.

Standart valley
Exterior gable

It is installed for the final sealing of the coverings after the installation of the tile panels.

Exterior gable
Circular ridge

The final element on the top of the roof reliably closes the joints of the roof tiles.

Circular ridge
Right ridge

An alternative to the circular skate, the main difference is structure and design.

Right ridge
Special valley

It is mounted at the intersection between two sides of the roof to take rainwater and lead it to the gutter.

Special valley
Anti-condensation foil

Ensures the uptake of water particles that form under the tile.

Anti-condensation foil
Snow stopper

Prevents snow from slipping on the roof that leads to the gutter and can damage the rain system due to its weight.

Snow stopper
Wall connector

It is used at the intersection of a roof slope with a heel wall, where the intersection angle is greater than 90˚

Wall connector
Interior side connector

It's role is to prevent the penetration of moisture in the areas where a roof water joins a wall.

Interior side connector

Advantages of the product

High-performance equipment

High-performance equipment

Investments in professional equipment, in the development of products and mounting technologies aim to obtain the highest performing roof systems on the market.

"Bio" steel

"Bio" steel

The GreenCoat coating assumes that a considerable part of the traditional material based on fossil products is replaced with an organic component, derived from vegetable oils. In this way, our products actively contribute to environmental protection by reducing emissions into the air.

Accessories from the same raw material

Accessories from the same raw material

The safety of mounting a complete system of accessories made of the same raw material and which blends perfectly. There will be no problems with functionality or differences in hue and quality.


Frequent questions

Se oferă certificate de garanție pentru țigla metalică RoofArt?
Da, compania RoofArt eliberează...

Da, compania RoofArt eliberează certificate de garanție pentru toate gamele de țiglă metalică, care sunt valabile pe tot teritoriul Republicii Moldova.

Câți montatori sunt necesari pentru instalarea țiglei metalică dublu-modulare Arctica?
Datorită lucrului cu foi mici...

Datorită lucrului cu foi mici de tablă, întreaga lucrare de instalare a acoperișului poate fi executată de doar doi montatori.

Este oare producerea țiglei Arctica eco-friendly?
Da. Uleiul de rapiță este folosit...

Da. Uleiul de rapiță este folosit în componența stratului de acoperire GreenCoat® a țiglei metalice RoofArt din clasele Mat Premium si Mat Superior. Astfel contribuim la protecţia mediului şi reducem emisiile de noxe în aer.

Este necesară perforarea suprafeței superioare a țiglei la fixarea panoului de carcasul acoperișului?
Nu. Datorită șuruburilor ascunse,...

Nu. Datorită șuruburilor ascunse, această procedură nu este necesară și astfel, acoperișul este uniform ferit de infiltrații.

Pot obține accesoriile necesare acoperișului complet ca și țigla metalică?
Da. Accesoriile sunt confecționate...

Da. Accesoriile sunt confecționate din aceeași tablă ca și panourile de țiglă și deci nu există nici o diferență între materialul și culoarea acestora.

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