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10 Roofing facts that might surprise you

23 Sep 2020 #News
1. The area where you live dictates the style of your home
You should know that some roof types just work better various areas or regions. For example, gable roofs work best in colder and snowier climates. Hipped roofs are more wind resistant. Flat roofs might be best in a drier climate.
2. Actually flat roofs are not entirely flat
Flat roofs have a slight slope of at least ¼ inch.
3. A roof is much more than metal tile and wood
A good system has seven necessary components: roof decking, ice or water barrier, water resistant underlayment, metal flashing, drip edge, metal tile, ventilation system (soffits, eaves, vents).
4. An existing roof can’t be cover with another one
Remember, double-layered roofs can cover big roofing problems that need to be addressed and, in addition it adds weight and just hides the corroding material, allowing the issue to get worse.
5. There is no DIY roof
A roof is a complex system of layers that require proper installation from professionals with right tools to ensure it all works together.
6. Roofs breathe
Actually, we mean roof ventilation, that allows warm, moist air to escape and cooler, drier air to come into the attic. Without a proper ventilation, condensation is going to build up in your attic, which can damage walls, wood and insulation.
7. A roof can be good for the environment
Cool roofs not only help homeowners conserve energy, but they reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions as well by mitigating the heat radiated into the atmosphere.
8. Professional cleaning companies are good for roofing
Professional companies have special techniques and products to do it, including equipment that doesn’t harm metal tile.
9. A faulty roof can break a home sale
A major selling point for your home is the roof. It means that a leaky roof or with other signs of disrepair can scare the buyer. All you have to do before selling your home is to replace or repair your roof.
10. Your roof will last forever
Almost, but not quite. The lifespan of a roof really depends on the materials and installation. It can last up to 50-60 years.
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