VELUX - Windows that become inspiring spaces! The reasons for installing them and the benefits you can get

25 Jun 2020 #News

When we think about an attic, the first idea is to create a small warehouse with things we no longer need, but which may become useful again. It's time to become more practical and inspired. In modern design the attic is no longer seen only as a storage space, and the ideas of interior designers are truly spectacular when it comes to arranging a bathroom, office, bedroom, children's playground or simply a space for relaxation for the soul. Inspired by the small space, the sloping walls and the privacy of the place, they offer attic windows specially designed for you to enjoy amazing views, a bright and airy space with an authentic atmosphere.

Attic windows become inspiring spaces, but also offer you many benefits. What would be those benefits?

  • Weather resistance. VELUX attic windows are tested to withstand the weather of every season, from summer hail storms to snowfall and winter frost.

  • ThermoTechnology. This unique insulation system turns your window into an extremely strong shield against wind and cold temperatures.

  • Fresh and clean air even when the window is closed. The two-stage ventilation system lets your house breathe, even if the window is closed. Press once or twice to adjust the amount of air you want to enter - and enjoy the fresh air at any time of the day or night. The integrated air filter protects you from dust and insects, allowing only clean air to enter. The filter can be easily cleaned / vacuumed.

  • Easy cleaning. To clean the outer glass, rotate the sash 180 degrees. Then fasten the sash to the frame with the latch. In this way, both hands remain free to clean the glass very easy.

  • Finish. Pine attic windows are treated with a water-based varnish that protects the wood from dirt and moisture. The maintenance-free windows have a heat-treated wood core inside, covered with a layer of waterproof polyurethane.

  • Additional gasket against the current.

  • Soundproofing.

  • VELUX attic windows are available in different finishes and operating modes. 

If you have not yet been convinced of the benefits listed above, we also offer you 5 reasons to install attic windows in your home:

  • You gain more space;

  • Increase the value of the property;

  • You invest less;

  • Thermally insulate the attic;

  • You have lower maintenance costs.

What are the 5 steps you need to go through when choosing the right window for your attic:

  • Carefully choose the size and number of windows required. To ensure that you have the required amount of natural light, the glazed area must be at least 10% of the floor area.

  • Choose the optimal window model. VELUX offers a wide range to choose from.

  • Choose the type of opening, up or down, depending on the location of the furniture and the view you want to get.

  • Choose sealed mounting. All VELUX windows are mounted together with a sealing frame that ensures the connection between the window frame and the roofing material. This protects it against the penetration of water from outside the roof, but also insulates it thermally.

  • Also choose decorative and sun visors. Too hot! Too cold! Too much light! Insects! There is only one solution to all these challenges: VELUX accessories.

In conclusion we can say that VELUX windows are the best solution to get what you need for your comfort: a healthy house with lots of natural light and well ventilated - where you have so much space for yourself, for rest and relaxation, but also open spaces where to be able to stay with family and friends.

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