We do not communicate the price or why the price / m2 shows an incomplete image?

04 May 2020 #News

We are asked daily, practically in each post, how much is the price / m2 for the material. That's why, we have decided to explain why the price / m2 per material does not show the overall picture of the costs for a roof.
The price / m2 per material does not give you a complete picture of the cost of a roof, it is only 60-70% of the cost for materials. Accessories such as ridges, gables, snow stops, mounds and anti-condensation foil, are vital for the construction of a roof and also have a cost, which needs to be calculated.

Thus, when you ask for the price / m2 and hope that the formula is “(total m2 of roof) x (price / m2)”, the result does not represent the de facto expenses you will have. Some would give the tile at a price of 1 lei / m2, but would add hundreds of percent to the accessories.

 Relying only on price / m2 is like buying a coat over the phone.

"Call in a clothing store:
- Hello, ado you have a coat?
- Hello! Yes, i have.
- How much does it cost?
- 500 lei.
"Okay, I'm thinking."

The material will be chosen depending on the roof and budget. It usually has different characteristics after which it can be chosen. For example, the metal tile contains the sheet from which it is profiled, the thickness of the sheet, the manufacturer and the warranty. We recommend that you choose the right roofing material first, then discuss the price.

Do not compare the price / m2, but the complete offer.
Having several offers from different manufacturers, compare the final offers, making sure that you compare with the same type of material, of the same thickness of steel, with guarantees similar to corrosion and color. It's the same as comparing a Mercedes with a Dacia, and not a Mercedes with a Mercedes of the same model.

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