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The history of the appearance and development of roofs

29 Jul 2020 #News

The history of roofs is a long one, starting with the huts covered with thick layers of straw, buried in the ground or sometimes beaten with clay and ending with the construction of wooden roofs, and later the appearance of tiles and sheet metal. 

We all know about the centuries in which the migrants were marked by the construction of huts - homes that disappeared from the landscape over time, however, escaping the inhabitants in time from barbaric attacks. As for the wooden roofs, which appeared a little later, we know that they were used to cover the Dacian fortresses, the so-called "ancient metropolises" being raised to the sky in the form of empty wooden columns.

With the founding of medieval stone fortresses, metal tile became a common material for roofing. Simple or enameled, the metal tile was not only a material to solve a need - protection against the weather - but also a means of architectural expression. It seems that we did not invent the expression "the roof - the fifth facade".

Starting with the 19th century, there is an explosion of metal roofs of various shapes, colors, structures, of increasing size, with elements, details and assembly technologies that allow a better performance.

Where are we now? In the process of producing the most resistant metal tile, cladding metal sheet or standing seam, accompanied by high quality rainwater systems, which can only make us happy because, we leave a legacy to those who follow us ...

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