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Scandic® Rainwater System - entire complex of components of a high quality rainwater system.

04 Jun 2021 #News

Normal roof operation without a rainwater system is impossible. 
Galvanized steel gutters are very popular.

Roofart galvanized rainwater system has a number of advantages:

- Fire safety. It is a significant factor, especially in case if you visit rarely your country house.
- Increased strength combined with ease of coverage.
- Resistance to extreme temperatures and at the same time maintaining the quality of strength
- Rainwater system repair does not take a long time.
- Galvanized gutters covered with a polymer coating have an enhanced corrosion protection and durability.
- Galvanized rainwater system do not fade, do not change their geometry, withstand static and dynamic impacts.
- Galvanized gutters have become very popular. A galvanized gutter system has tremendous advantages over plastic gutter systems.

Choose the RoofArt galvanized rainwater system and you will protect the building structure from negative influences.

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