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5 myths about metal tile

12 Aug 2020 #News

Are you building your dream house or are you thinking of renovating it? And the right choice of roofing has never been harder? Before making a final decision it is good to know that, there are some totally untrue myths about metal tile.

Take a look bellow.

1. The metal tile may discolor over time

Choose high-quality metal tiles from reliable manufacturers, and this will remain a myth. Do not forget! High quality metal tile is a lasting investment!

2. Metal tile does not provide sound insulation

One of the reasons many people forsake the metal tile is that it would be noisy, especially in rain or wind. It’s wrong! In most cases, the metal tile becomes noisy when it is mounted incorrectly and all you have to do is turn to a team of professionals in the installation of roofing. Do not forget! The correct installation saves you from sound discomfort, additional costs and gives you the comfort you need being at home.

3. The metal tile is not corrosion resistant

Wrong! The risk of corrosion on the surface of the metal tile is completely reduced when we choose the quality tile, but also when we properly organize the thermal insulation, which will also contribute to the appropriate sound insulation. In addition, excessive condensation that can form on the metal tile can be removed with anti-condensation foil.

4. The metal tile does not last more than 2 years

Currently, high-quality metal tile manufacturers have been aiming for its resilience for more than 60 years. In addition, the metal tile is increasingly tested in the harshest weather conditions, being guaranteed its resistance to weather conditions, such as: hail, wind, snow, but also the appearance of mold due to these natural phenomena. Also, a not inconsiderable feature of a metal tile roof is the increased tightness. Thus, the ideal tightness excludes unwanted water leaks, as well as infiltrations under the covers.

5. The cost of installing the metal tile is exaggerated

This is wrong. Making a comparative analysis of market prices for the installation of other types of roofing and metal tile, we can easily realize that the installation of metal tile is much more affordable in terms of financial, but also in terms of time spent. All you have to do is choose a team of specialists in the field, so that, over time, there is no need to invest additional costs for repairs. Do not forget! No investment is too big when it comes to a safe and durable installation, as well as a pleasant aesthetic appearance. Do not choose poor quality coverings just for the sake of saving, with the risk of bearing after the repair costs, finally reaching the same amount that you could have invested from the start for quality and durable products.

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