The effect of rain on your roof

08 Jul 2020 #News

Did you know that ... one of the most vulnerable parts of a building is the roof, being exposed to direct contact with any form of precipitation or any other natural phenomenon. Therefore, the roof surface is tested to the harshest environmental conditions.

Did you know that ... in addition to rain, the roof is hardest hit by excessive heat.

Did you know that ... the roof can be quite affected even by a moderate rain, not only by the one accompanied by strong wind, storm, low temperatures or hail. Moderate rain can have a negative effect on the roof, if it has not been installed correctly, in the absence of suitable sealing elements or a functional rain system.
What are actually the effects of rain on the roof and what are the best ways to prevent water from seeping under the roof and further damaging the entire building?
Your roof can be affected when:
  • it is not made of the most resistant materials;
In this case, corrosion will form during periods when the rain will no longer contain it. Therefore, water droplets will destroy the cover over time, the paint on the top layer will deteriorate and, later, rust will appear.
In order to prevent such negative effects of rain, it is recommended to install Umbrella metal tile, made of Swedish steel and that has a clearly superior quality to any other material. Why? We present the following reasons: the unmistakable resistance of Scandinavian steel and the testing of the tile in harsh climatic conditions, for over 40 years. The strength and durability of this type of tile is due to the 275 g / sqm zinc layer in the steel that gives it unmatched anticorrosive properties.
  • it is not mounted correctly;
In this case, the defects will appear much faster, and these will be: tile panels not fixed or not sealed properly, joints that have spaces through which water can infiltrate, etc.
  • it does not include all the care accessories after they bring tightness;
In this case, the first failures in an entire system will occur due to the lack of accessories, even before the lifespan. Starting with the anti-condensation film, we must protect our hydro and thermal insulation properties, and continue with the metallic elements such as ridges, sockets, pediments, eaves aprons, side connections or clear screws, all of which can form an assembly that ensures even the smallest detail that, the roof will withstand.
  • does not have an efficient rainwater system;
In this case, water from precipitation will not be taken and drained, and the walls or foundation of the house will not be protected from rainwater leaks, and water will not be directed into the sewer system, external tanks or away from the house structure, so as is normal.
An innovative solution to solve these problems is the Scandic rainwater system, made of the same Swedish steel, its quality and durability is guaranteed as in the case of the Umbrella metal tile.
  • it is not constantly cared for.
In this case, the damage to your roof over time is absolutely inevitable. Your roof needs regular care and inspections, so you will know if cracks or damage have occurred in the meantime, which subsequently led to slight infiltrations in the attic. The appearance of these small defects can cause in time the appearance of mold, excess moisture and serious water leaks.
The solution in this case is to check periodically the roof by a team of specialists.
Don't let the rain affect the surface of the roof of your house and build it from the beginning so that it can withstand all the climatic conditions! 
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