Designing your dream roof: key rules and mistakes to avoid

06 Jul 2020 #News

What do you have to start with?

When determining the most suitable roof model for your needs, you have to take into account an important aspect: weather conditions. 

It is also recommended to find out the advantages and disadvantages of roofing materials so that it is easier for you to choose an effective solution over time. Once you've set everything up, you can think about whether you want a roof that gives you extra space for the terrace/attic or even an eco-roof, suitable to protect the environment. If you follow all the tips in this article, you will have the roof and the house you have always wanted.

If you decide to choose the roof all by yourself then we recommend you knowing a few essential things, so that you will be able to get a great offer from the roof companies. See below the tips:

1. Low weight. It is recommended to find out the specifications of the roof and look for one with a medium to low weight, such as a metal tile or folded sheet. Why? A lightweight roof involves a simplified roof structure and indirectly, lower construction costs.

2. Resistance. When choosing the roof covering, focus only on quality materials, containing elements which cope with ultraviolet light and unfavorable weather.

We can conclude that the functional and structural criteria are the most important and closely related. The most common mistakes are inappropriate slopes in relation to the type of chosen roof. Another mistake is the incorrect positioning of the gutters and downspouts. Do not insist on using a certain type of roof cover if it is not suitable for certain surfaces, shapes, or weather conditions.

3. Elegance (or aesthetic aspect). We left this aspect behind even though it is perceived to be the most important when the client chooses the roof. The issues discussed in the very first place are concerning the color, material and texture of the roof. However, besides this, it is also needed to think about the facades so that they will match the roof design. 

We can not ignore the importance of the aesthetic role, but professionally speaking, technical aspects and durability take precedence. Depending on the chosen product, you can opt for metal tiles with different styles or for folded sheet metal - which gives to your roof a classic and durable look.

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What are the common mistakes when we choose the style of the roof?

One of them is the exaggerated desire to sort everything out. Too many tones of the same color can lead to a dull house, without accents. Also, the specifics of the area and the surroundings are often ignored, which creates absurd contrasts. To avoid such errors, it is quite important to take into account the specifics of the area and the integration of elements with local specifics in the architecture of the house.

Do not forget! A high-performance roof is the one that lasts a long time, without further interventions, only if it was installed correctly.

Some recommendations to avoid common mistakes in the design and construction of roofs:

  • If the budget allocated to the construction of the roof exceeds the initial one, consider it a sustainable, long-term investment.
  • If you want a roof with excellent characteristics, which will ensure your comfort and highlight the architectural beauty of the house, opt for the metal tile.
  • Installing a quality rainwater system, in accordance with the size of the roof, will save you from other future expenses in terms of repairing the resistance structure of the walls, mold removal solutions resulting from infiltrations, or even system changes.
  • Don't try to mount the roof yourself! If the installation will not be done by specialists, the final result has all the chances to be neither aesthetic nor perfectly functional or durable.


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