An often needed accessory for your roof: the dolie element

06 May 2020 #News

We can't talk about the house without the roof. After all, it is that thing which transform the four walls into a house, giving him the necessary protection against all external factors.

Concidering the important role that the roof plays, it is essential to be careful what solutions you choose for the roofing system of the house, a system that includes both sheet metal or shingles, and accessories or auxiliary elements such as dolia, ridge, apron. eaves, gables and even complex rainwater systems. In this article we will talk about the first mentioned element, respectively about the roof sink.

Dolie - one of the metal roof accessories

In order to fully understand the essential role of dolie in the process of building a strong roof, which ensures a maximum degree of comfort inside the home, it is mandatory to know what it is and what role it plays.

Dolie is the accessory that is mounted on the line of intersection of two sides of the roof that form an angle between them. Its role is to join two roof waters and isolate their intersection. At the same time, the dolie contributes to the collection of water from the roof and to its evacuation to the gutters of the rainwater system, at the same time preventing the appearance of infiltrations under the roof and the destruction of the resistance structure of the roof.

From the definition of roof gutters we can extract the following important information: not all roofs have gutters, but only those that have several slopes. We consider it necessary to draw attention to this information because, not infrequently, we have noticed that the owners of houses with roofs in two or four floors or even terrace type sometimes ask about this accessory.

Are there more types of roof gutters?

It is another question that we often receive and whose answer is positive. Yes, there are two types of basic dolies: simple and special, with drawing areas! If there isn't much to say about the first one, there are a few things to add about the second. The additional embossing area of the special dolies, located in the middle of the piece, has the role of stopping the water that comes with speed from one side of the roof to the other.

In the case of both types of dolies, the mounting part is essential. Although it seems simple, it must be done by experts (as, incidentally, the entire construction of the roof). Why? Because there is information that you may not have and, in an attempt to mount the dolie according to the experience you have gained after working in the yard, there is a risk of making small mistakes that could cost you the efficiency of the roof.

For example, did you know that in order for the dolie to allow water to drain, the metal tile panels must be cut at a distance of 80 mm from the center of the dolie and that it is not fixed in the tile with screws? Can you imagine that if you had done that, you would most likely have destroyed the dolie and possibly other parts of the roof?

For a perfect roof we must take into account all these things and many more. One of them is the choice of all the necessary parts from a single manufacturer, in order to significantly reduce the risk of technical and aesthetic problems.

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