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How do you choose the right metal cover? Metal tile, cladding or standing seam metal roofing?

25 Aug 2020 #News

A durable roof involves quite large investments, that is why it is very important to choose the right roof, which will ensure protection, strength, a pleasant appearance, and also a long life.

When we talk about the materials of coverings, we think especially of steel, which is the perfect alloy, offering unquestionable strength, but also being very versatile at the same time. Nordic SSAB steel is an innovative, environmentally friendly, premium quality product, worldwide recognized as one of the best on the market. The main advantages of Nordic steel are: it is recyclable; provides protection against corrosion; it is easy to use and process; it is the cleanest steel, having a unique combination of steel and paint; has a superior surface resistance to any weather conditions; offers a wide range of colors and extensive warranties.

And what do we choose? Metal tile, cladding or standing seam metal sheet?

Advantages of metal tile

1. Made of Nordic “Bio” steel, with GreenCoat coating
2. Guaranteed corrosion resistance (40 years)
3. The presence of a protective layer
4. Average life span 60 years
5. Durable color (30 years)
6. Low weight
7. Weather resistance
8. Easy and fast installation
9. Elegant design
10. Reasonable report quality-price

Advantages of cladding metal roofing

1. It is a lightweight material
2. Resistance to all weather conditions
3. Average life span 50 years
4. 30-year anti-corrosion warranty
5. 20-year color warranty
6. Stiffening profile - an additional stiffening profile can be added if desired, which, in addition to the practical part, impresses with the uniqueness of the design
7. Speed in production
8. Easy and fast installation
9. Wide range of colors

10. Industrial aspect – the cladding metal sheet is not only intended for roofs, it can also be used for: facade, fence, warehouses, shopping centers, production units, agricultural farms, gyms, etc.

Advantages of standing seam metal roofing

1. Slightly malleable material even at negative temperatures
2. Modern, minimalist architectural style
3. Innovative mounting technology
4. It is perfect for roofs with any slope
5. Flexibility
6. Extended warranties
Average lifespan - 50 years
Anti-corrosion warranty - 30 years
Color warranty - 20 years
7. Weather resistance
8. Made of Nordic SSAB steel
9. Eco-friendly
10. Color variety

Regardless of which cover you choose, it is important to be informed and the purchase bring you only satisfaction. A well-chosen roof is definitely a long-term investment!

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