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Do you want to be Eco, but can't afford a green roof? See an alternative here

23 Jul 2020 #News

It's cool to be Eco, and the green roof seems to be the only alternative preferred by more and more people, due to the fact that it is quite environmentally friendly. The name of the roof is not derived from the actual color, but mainly from the materials from which it is created.

What does a green roof mean?

When we talk about green roofs we refer more to those roofs covered with plants, very similar to a garden. In this context, a base on which the grass can grow is indispensable, and this entails the need for a thin layer of soil.

What would be the advantages of such a roof?

1. Saves thermal energy. The green roof does not lose heat, and in the warm season, when temperatures rise excessively much, it does not allow the house to overheat. The vegetation on the roof creates the sensation of a humid air, thus obtaining a cooling effect.

2. Protects the house from conflagration. Being fireproof.

3. Provides the necessary insulation and protection against the wind. During the cold season, the layer of soil with which the roof is covered contributes to the creation of additional protection during the cold season, therefore providing the building with the necessary insulation against the wind.

4. Do not allow water to enter the soil! Abundant rainfall collected in a relatively short time, will contribute to the complete saturation of the soil and consequently, will follow the natural runoff of excess water.

5. Ensures the increase of the life of the roof membrane. We all know that ultraviolet rays help reduce the durability and elasticity of the roof structure. But a green roof increases the life of its structure by up to 60 years, thus protecting it from direct exposure to ultraviolet rays, as well as temperature variations.

Like any other product, a green roof can have several disadvantages.

The biggest disadvantage of the green roof is its weight given the fact that it requires several layers, and the choice of a structure that can support such a roof is indispensable.

Another disadvantage would be the difficulty of finding qualified specialists to install such a roof.

An alternative to the ecological roof: organic metal tile.

An organic alternative to the green roof is the Umbrella metal tile, one of the most resistant types of roofing. The Nordic steel from which it is produced, as well as the GreenCoat coating, which contains rapeseed oil, helps protect the environment and reduce harmful emissions into the air, giving the metal roof increased resistance to ultraviolet rays, scratches and corrosion. Also, a considerable part of its traditional fossil-based composition is replaced by an bio-based paint.

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