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What do you need to know about roofs.

11 Feb 2021 #News

1. Roofing type and style depend on place you live.

Choosing the color of the roof, one should take into account its effect on the house perception in surrounding environment. Additionally, the correct color combination of the facade emphasizes the style of the architecture. But an amazing feature is its visual illusions - it can be used to "adjust" the volume and massiveness of the building

2. The roof is breathing.

A favorable climate in the house can be created by organizing the correct air exchange, the main source of which, in addition to windows, is the roof. Roof ventilation may quickly and efficiently vent different rooms or premises. In addition, it is almost quiet and eliminates humidity and odors in the house.

3. The roof must be ventilated.

A roof ventilation system works by providing a continual flow of air through the house rooms, helping remove overheated air and moisture from the house and roof system and reduce the impact of changing temperatures and moisture conditions both inside and outside the home.

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